The Deep

General Information

Location: Simon’s Town, South Africa
Driving Time from Cape Town: 45 minutes
Transfer : Door to door upon request
Peak Season: October – July
Cost: R3000 + R450 for full set rental
Duration: 5-6 hours at sea (journey may take up to 25 nautical miles)
Water Temperature : 16-24° C
Visibility : 10-50 meters
Boat: 18 passengers
Cage: No Cage, Drift Dive Open Water
Certification level: Advanced Diver
Dive: 30-90 minutes based on air consumption

Dive Includes

  • Safety and dive briefing
  • Guided dive
  • Weights and tanks
  • Lunch/snacks and refreshments on board

Daily Program

  • Meet 6:15- 6:45 am
  • Walk to boat and safety briefing
  • Leave harbor between 6:30- 7:00am (2 hour boat ride or until they find the blue water)
  • Take pictures of Cape of Good Hope from the ocean
  • Arrive in the deep
  • Chumming and waiting for sharks to appear
  • Dive – 30- 90 mins based on individual air consumption
  • Return to Simon’s Town (2 hours +/-)

This one is an epic adventure to the deep of the Southern ocean to dive with Pelagic sharks – The Blues & The Makos. It is a dive I promise you will never forget being unclose with some very curious Blue sharks and the quick like lightning Mako.


The blue sharks are calm and inquisitive and will approach divers and snorkelers in order to check them out with those big eyes as they swim lazily around. Also one must note that since they are so curious, they do like to occasionally bump the divers and investigate so this a very interactive dive.



The Shortfin Mako on the other hand is one of the fastest swimming animals on the planet. A little scarier on approach with their fierce looking teeth and fast body movements but still an amazing shark to be in the water with. They are usually a little more skittish and tend to keep their distance from the divers but you do get the bold one that will come right in and investigate the divers.


You never know what you might come across in the open ocean – Orcas , Marlin, Yellowfin and Longfin Tuna, Yellow Tail, Cape Fur Seals, Pilot Whales, Petrels and Albatross.