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This Is My Shark Life is a company started by shark lover Lalo Saidy, who has been fortunate enough to find his dream job working with Great White Sharks in South Africa and Guadalupe Island via underwater videography/photography and guiding trips since 2004.
I wanted to create a company that shark lovers/ divers would like to support so that I/we can contribute to shark and marine conservation projects as well as trying to help Marine Biologists focused on shark research get the tags and equipment they need to continue their work.



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Looking for an adventure that not too many others have experienced? Dive into a once in a lifetime experience with a loved one, friend or colleague? We offer group charters for families, and team building events. Contact us to find out more.


Shark Week Scientist Trip

Join us on a trip with the top Marine Biologists in the White Shark field and learn about these amazing sharks from the best in the field.We feature trips with Chris Lowe from the California State Long Beach Shark Lab and Craig ‘The Shark Doctor “ O’Connell from Shark Week and the O’Seas Foundation.


White Sharks Guadalupe Island

Team up with MCSI to support white shark research and conservation efforts: Donate to MCSI in support of Northeastern Pacific white shark research and conservation efforts and receive the most recent edition of the Guadalupe Island, Mexico white shark photo-ID book.


Whale Watching - San Diego

Looking for small groups (6 passengers),educational and up close experience with the marine wildlife off the coast of San Diego?  I highly recommend going with Captain Dom of  Gone Whale Watching San Diego for this adventure .
San Diego is home to a huge variety of sea life and every day is a different adventure out there- you never know what you might see!!!  Common, Bottle nose, Risso or Pacific White- sided dolphins and in season – Blue, Grey and Humpback whales.



South Africa


Diver Reviews

Lalo was a guide on one of my shark diving trips to Isla Guadalupe in 2017. His knowledge and experience working with White Sharks was key, not only to setting first time shark divers at ease, but also for setting up great shots for experienced photographers. Highly recommended!!!

David Dodd


One of the best decisions of my life was to go out and see Great White sharks up close at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. Having never been scuba diving before, out in the middle of the Pacific, and going into a cage with Great Whites can be nerve racking. Lalo helped calm my nerves, gave great tips for breathing techniques and was even in the cage with me on my first dive. Outside of the cage, he answered all of my pestering questions with a great smile about Great Whites , their habits and how the dives vary from Mexico to South Africa to Australia, etc. He was able to identify the sharks quickly (outside of the water) and knew their personality differences (Drogin being my favorite). He was extremely educational and up to date on current research, misinformation, viral videos, etc that made him a wealth of information. When I have a chance to go on another trip, my first question will be, "will Lalo be on the boat?"because he's need to be.

Anthony Leon


I finally fullfilled a life long dream of sharing the water with Great White Sharks. My sister and I ventured out of San Diego in 2015 and again in 2017. We have a trip including more family members in the works for 2019. Every aspect of this trip is unforgettable! The Sharks, (of course!) the crystal water, the boat, the food , but most of all, it was the crew that have kept us coming back. They go above & beyond in service making you feel comfortable & safe. Lalo Saidy and his expertise as Dive Instructor makes you feel excited & relaxed about getting into the water with these amazing animals. He is truly skilled and the sharks are his life. His knowledge knows no bounds when it comes to these creatures along with the other varieties of sea life you will experience on a trip like this. He's friendly and approachable and doesn't mind a bombardment of questions that most people have. And he'll even tease you about the kind of camera you use if it's not a Canon! More importantly, Lalo teaches shark & marine conservation by helping to change people's perception of sharks. Showing with his enthusiasm and passion what the Ocean has to offer. We are super excited for the 2019 season when we can share the sharks with Lalo and the rest of the outstanding crew once again!

Annie Pflueger


I went on the adventure of a lifetime to Guadalupe Island with Lalo as Dive Instructor in August 2016. I hadnt breathed through a regulator in years and initially had some trouble. Lalo was extremely supportive and within a few minutes I was in the cage having the time of my life. Everything about my trip was first class and I made not only memories but lifelong friends. I highly recommend this crew

Obie Hall


If you’re looking for a professional, courteous but most importantly, safe guide for your next bucket list adventure, Lalo is your guy!

Rick Marker


Lalo Saidy is the real shark deal! He is a knowledgeable, kind, helpful, personable, and fun shark guide! Traveling with him out to Guadalupe Island to see the Great Whites for the first time was a great experience. He made the travelers feel safe and secure both inside and outside of the water. We could not have been in better hands. He is truly living the shark life!

Shawna Lettau


Lalo was the key to putting our trip to Guadalupe Island over the top! The Great Whites were the stars and Lalo made sure we got as much face time as possible, but it's Lalo's knowledge of these amazing animals that I appreciated the most. We learned so much from him! He was always so kind and patient answering all of the same questions I'm sure he's answered hundreds of times. He can spot the frequent visitors to Guadalupe Island with one look. When it came to taking care of the passengers he always made sure our safety was his top priority especially when it came to getting in and out of the cage. Seeing these majestic creatures up close was a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks, Lalo for making sure every moment was magical!

Leanne Suter


In 2017 my husband and I went on an unbelievable trip to cage dive with Great White Sharks at Guadalupe Island in the Pacific. OMG!!! Incredible time. My husband, Randy, was skeptical to say the least. He had never been on scuba before and really was not a water person. Although I had my Advanced Open Water, it had been years since I had used a regulator. We were blessed to have Lalo Saidy as our guide, instructor, and voice of calm. We had a blast! He spent so much time with us, especially Randy! By the end, hubby thought he was starring in "Shark Week". All fear was gone and we both had the most spectacular time...seeing amazingly huge sharks in their home. Did I tell our age? 61 & 60 yrs old. Thank You Lalo! You are a gift!

Cynthia Young


I would like to personally thank Lalo Saidy for all his help and expertise on my recent Shark Diving encounter at the Guadalupe Islands. Lalo was exceptionally professional and safety was always first, but his knowledge of diving and of Great White Sharks are second to none. I highly recommend diving with Lalo.

Thomas Alfreda


These guys are the best. Lalo, the dive master, is very knowledgeable about the sharks at Guadalupe, and when the season ends he guide in South Africa too. So if you're a shark fanatic like me, you'll enjoy Lalo's company very much.

Ron Gray


I have been out with Lalo to Guadalupe Island twice now. He made each trip memorable with his knowledge of the sharks and his calmness around them. He makes everyone feel like they've been diving with Great White's their whole life! He is great with the guest's and makes sure everyone has an awesome experience. Oh...and he makes this kick ass video of your trip with music in the background. One talented chap!

Susan Zappone


Lalo Saidy is the master of all dive masters! I have been to Guadalupe Island, with Lalo Saidy as the dive instructor , every year for the last 3- soon to be 4- years. Lalo is completely aware and knowledgeable of what is going on, both inside and outside of the boat and is a consummate professional. From little old ladies to young kids, I have seen him patiently and happily teach brand new divers how to breath underwater with ease. While diving with Great Whites is fairly safe, I absolutely trust Lalo with my safety and well-being. Lalo makes sure you leave his care with a wonderfully unforgettable experience. I look forward to diving at Guadalupe with Lalo for years to come!

Gil Divine

Portland Oregon




The great white shark, also otherwise known as white pointer or more maliciously as white death.

MEET LUCY the 17 ft great white shark

MEET LUCY the 17 ft great white shark - and one of the most famous white sharks of the Guadalupe Islands

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