This Is My Shark Life
This Is My Shark Life

Lalo Saidy

This Is My Shark Life is a company started by shark lovers Lalo Saidy and Andre Roux that have been fortunate enough to find our dream jobs working with Great White Sharks via photography and film. Andre now focuses mostly on running 7seasrope (bio at the bottom of the page) and Lalo works between South Africa & Guadalupe Island as a Dive Instructor, White Shark guide, Underwater cameraman and running the booking side of This Is My Shark Life but we both work on the clothing line together.

My photography is meant to showcase the beauty of white sharks and move away from the negative representation and portrayal of them in the media and movies. I want to improve people’s understanding of sharks. The end goal is to create a product so that we can contribute to shark conservation and marine conservation projects such as Marine Conservation Science Institute, who Lalo works closely with at Guadalupe Island, via a catalogue and ID database to keep track of the White Shark population. (If you have ever wanted to name a White Shark join us on a science trip to the Island!!)

And out of that passion This Is My Shark Life was born. As a company, This Is My Shark Life focuses on booking White Shark cage diving adventures in South Africa & Guadalupe Island, photography and a clothing line.

This Is My Shark Life

You can follow me on Instagram on @sharkphotography_lalosaidy and you can also follow Andre’s other project at 7seasrope on Facebook or on Instagram – @7seasrope, where they collect all marine debris during beach cleanups especially fishing lines and ropes and make bracelets out of them.

We thank you for your support!

Lalo Saidy is a NAUI Dive Instructor, has qualifications as a Medic Level III, Fire Fighter at Sea and is a qualified South African Tourism Guide for the Western Cape.