Dive Guadalupe Island


The advantage of booking this awesome shark cage diving adventure with This Is My Shark Life, is that our home is on the only boat that leaves directly from San Diego and we are located only a quick 7-10 minute drive from the airport. Arrive at the airport in San Diego a day early, relax and take in the sights and the next evening board the boat right there in San Diego. Our crew is one of the most experienced safety wise as we are the longest running boat to the island and I am the Dive Instructor and White shark guide for the trip.

General Information

Location: Guadalupe Island, Baja California
Boat Time from San Diego : 24 hours
Peak Season: August to mid- November
Cost: $2,999
Duration at the island : 2 and a half days
Water Temperature : 72 °F
Visibility : 100 feet
Boat: 16 passengers
Cage: Surface cage – 8 divers (no experience required)
Securely designed steel cage which floats on the surface and is attached to the boat at all times, with
divers no more than a few feet below the surface
Dive: Hookah system in cage

Dive Includes

  • Safety and dive briefing

  • Dive gear- wetsuit, booties and mask

  • Snacks and refreshments on board, 3 meals a day by our on board Chef

  • Beer & wine

  • Movie of trip

Trip Details

Meet 9 PM
Sign in, Passport check and Boat Safety briefing
10 PM Leave harbor
6-8 AM arrival Ensenada for paperwork
7-9 Am departure for the island
18 hour boat ride
2-4 AM arrival at the island
7 AM dive safety briefing
Shark cage diving for 2 and a half days
18 hour boat ride back
6-8 AM Ensenada paperwork
7-9 AM departure for San Diego harbor, debrief and video, lunch
3-4 PM US Customs
5 PM Back at dock

This Is My Shark Life

Isla Guadalupe or Guadalupe Island is an extinct shield volcanic island located about 181 nautical miles in the Pacific. But the best part of it all is that from August to December it is also home to the Great White shark and the perfect place for ticking shark cage diving off of the bucket list.

Everything is included in this trip- accommodation in our 2 person bunk rooms, wetsuits & dive gear , beer & wine and 3 meals a day by our awesome Chef Mark ( any special dietary requirements or allergies- not to worry Mark caters to any necessary requirements).


Our journey begins with boarding at 9pm, boat safety briefing at 10pm and then we are on the way. We travel thru the night and check in early morning in Ensenada with the Mexican officials (you don’t have to do anything at all- wake up and enjoy the sites while digging into a tasty breakfast or stay in your bunk and sleep in) and then we begin the 18 hour journey to the island. As we journey out, enjoy the sundeck with your fellow shark divers and enjoy the sea life we might encounter along the way- dolphins, whales etc.


Upon arrival at the island in the early morning, the crew prepares the boat and the cages are put in the water at first light. I am your Shark guide and dive instructor and during your breakfast I run thru all the safety aspects of your cage diving adventure. If you are not a qualified diver, there is nothing to worry about as I will get in the cage with you on the first day (or thru out the trip if necessary if it makes you feel more comfortable) so by the end of the first day you will be able to smile and wave at the great white shark on every pass.


With us, both of our cages are floating just below the surface at the back of the boat so everyone gets the same experience. And most importantly we take less people, only 16 passengers so everyone gets at least 10 hours in the cage with the opportunity to do more dives. We offer each client 2 one hour dives in the morning, 2 one hour dives in the afternoon the 2 days at the island and then 2 one hour dives on the last morning before beginning the journey back home.


Again the most important thing to note here as well is that you will stay on the boat until we arrive back in San Diego. With the other companies, your journey will take you back to Ensenada where you offload and then 2 hour bus ride it back to the border (where wait times will vary) and then continue to San Diego. With us – all you have to do is enjoy the ride. We arrive in Ensenada in the early morning, Captain deals with all paperwork with government officials and then we take a cruise up the coastline back to San Diego. Upon arrival we go to the US Customs dock and again Captain deals with all paperwork before the 10 minute boat ride back to our slip so you can enjoy an evening in San Diego with your fellow shark divers.


As an option we also host scientific trips – we work closely with the Marine Conservation Science Institute and help with the ID database every season. This also allows an opportunity for you to name your own Great White Shark!!! And this year we are offering trips with 2 of the marine biologists from Shark Week- Dr. Chris Lowe and Dr. Craig O’Connell (please email for those dates). So come and spend your days diving with white sharks and your evenings learning everything you have always wanted to know about them.


Don’t Feel Like Getting In The Cage?

Not as adventurous as the people you are traveling with? Don’t want to get wet and cold ? The best thing about Great White sharks is that they are surface feeders so one still has an amazing experience from the viewing deck of the boat. You won’t miss anything and still get to spend time with these amazing sharks up close and personal.
Please note: The price is the same for diving and surface viewing.