BIMINI - This Is My Shark Life



  • Location: Bahamas
  • Peak Season: All Year (specific shark species are seasonal)
  • Cost:
  • Duration:
  • Water Temperature: 76°- 82° F
  • Visibility: Up to 100 feet
  • Boat:
  • Cage: No Cage- free diving and SCUBA
  • Dive: Advanced Diver

Dive Packages

  • Single or Double occupancy accommodations.
  • Shark diving.
  • Lunch, snacks & beverages.
  • Tanks, weights, belts.

Not Included

  • Airfare
  • Airport Transfers
  • Meals (except for lunch on dive days)
  • Crew gratuity
  • Dive or Travel insurance

Looking for shark diving locations in clear, warmer waters with a gentle current? Then this is the location for amazing photography opportunities and fulfill those shark diving needs. Tiger beach is known as one of the premier dive destinations in the world among professional photographers/ videographers and shark lovers alike.

The Bahamas is the place to go for shark diving expeditions with a number of shark species like Bull, Hammerhead and Oceanic White Tip sharks. The Bahamas, having made all waters surrounding theislands a marine sanctuary, allows for divers to enjoy a healthy marine ecosystem and therefore Bimini offers one of the best opportunities in the world for great hammerhead shark diving. , Bimini also offers a variety of other great diving, including several wrecks.

In terms of keeping true to the This Is My Shark Life values of working with companies that are educational , focus on conservation and manage their environmental footprints- this trip is with a company that is recommended by my Marine Biologist friends that live in the area.

The dive boat will move between islands in order to provide the best possible shark encounters and with species according to season.

Great Hammerhead

Season: January- April
Location : Bimini

During the winter months January – March, apopulation of thesesharks congregate around the island’s waters. On the Great hammerhead dives, the divers will often encounter other species of shark such as the Bull and Nurse sharks, sting rays and possible dolphin interactions.

If the opportunity is available don’t miss out on the chance to join a wild dolphin excursion!!


Oceanic White Tips

Season: April – June
Location: Cat Island

On the pelagic Oceanic Whitetip dives around Cat Island, one might encounter Silky and Dusky sharks and even the possibility of a Blue Marlin. Other species you might encounter are the Blue sharks, Mobula Rays, Great Hammerheads and Tiger sharks.

Here you will have the opportunity to both free dive, snorkel and scuba as the sharks remain close to the surface and one can spend hours doing so.

Tiger Beach

Season: October- May
Location : West End- Grand Bahama Island

On the Tiger Shark dive, you will find yourself at the world-famous Tiger Beach, where you can get up close with these amazing sharks and additional shark encounters with Caribbean Reef, Lemon and an added possibility of seeing Great Hammerheads and Bull sharks. The reefs near tiger beach also host a vast array of marine life,corals and visibility that can reach well over 100 feet.