About Us - This is My Shark Life


I wanted to create a company that shark lovers/ divers would like to support so that I/we can contribute to shark and marine conservation projects as well as trying to help Marine Biologists focused on shark research get the tags and equipment they need to continue their work .

This is done by giving a percentage of the booking or clothing sales fees to the non profit organizations that I support and work closely with.

Humans are destroying the ocean, and I have the opportunity to show and explain to people from all around the world why we need to protect what is in front of us before it is too late.


We need to turn things around in terms of redefining a passion for the ocean and the protection of marine wildlife. This involves more responsible reporting, dispelling the idea of rogue killer sharks and educating about the realities of shark nets and the shark finning industry.

And one of the best ways to do so is to experience a shark encounter for yourself so that you can help get rid of the negative stigma revolving around sharks by sharing your stories and experience with others.

It is a small step in a larger conservation battle and all we can hope for is that this issue is or becomes of some importance to the local community as well as the worldwide one. If one lets people know that there are issues that need to be discussed, you will always find someone willing to help a cause.

Change is slow but all you need is to change one mind at a time. Awareness leads to understanding and education . We will always fear what we do not understand. Understanding leads to conservation. The conservation objective is to change negative views and attitudes towards sharks so that we can do more to protect their marine environment now before it is too late.

“The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever.”

Jacques Cousteau

Aqua Lung Ambassador

As a kid I remember being fascinated by the documentaries of the Ocean’s best story teller Jacques Cousteau and wanted to be a marine biologist when I was older.

Although life went a different route I still ended up where I wanted to be- on the ocean.

That being said and in regards to the gentleman that helped with the creation of modern-day diving equipment – I am excited and honored to have been asked to represent Aqualung as a Global Ocean Ambassador along with 14 other ocean conservationists like his grandson Phillipe Cousteau and his wife Ashlan, and some underwater videographers/photographers, scientists and free divers from around the world.


I am also fortunate to now represent a company that believes in environmental responsibility and truly grateful for this amazing opportunity and consideration.



Love Great White sharks and want to go shark cage diving or see them breaching but need help trying to figure out who to book with?

Well, you’ve come to the right place. Nothing compares to seeing a white shark for the first time and diving with them is even better. It is truly an experience that will change everything you thought you knew about them from news clips to documentaries on tv.

I am a NAUI Dive Instructor and also have qualifications as a Medic Level III, Fire Fighter at sea and a South African Tourism Guide for the Western Cape.

This Is My Shark Life is a company started by shark lover Lalo Saidy, who has been fortunate enough to find his dream job working with Great White Sharks in South Africa and Guadalupe Island via underwater videography/photography and guiding trips since 2004.

Sharks are my passion and have been for years and my fascination with Great White sharks began when I first saw Jaws.

For most people it created a fear of this supposed ‘man eater’ but I was the complete opposite. I couldn’t believe there was this creature out there that was so amazingly powerful and deserving of respect .

As a kid, I dreamed of seeing a Great White with my own eyes and promised myself that one day I would. Little did I know that promise would become a reality and better yet actually become my profession .

Today, I consider myself very fortunate to now be in a role that allows for that passion to be shared on a daily basis with people from all around the world with years of gaining experience, knowledge and, fueling of that passion.


It is a privilege to now be able to share that experience with you via education and experience on your very own bucket list trip and one of my favorite parts of what I do is getting to work in eco -tourism, getting to teach people about Great Whites and hopefully changing people’s perceptions about one of the most feared animals on the planet.

I know what it is like trying to pick the best possible company for this experience and that is why I started my company because I was YOU, looking to make my bucket list adventure a reality by trying to find the right company to go with.

Today there is Trip Advisor, and it’s still hard to choose a company as some clients rate high while others only have negative things to say about the same company.

And even though I work in the industry, I do not play favorites – I will help you book YOUR trip specific to YOUR requirements and wishes because this is YOUR experience . And by being in the industry I can work with you to breakdown down your requests and find the ideal trip that fits your needs perfectly. Most importantly , I promise to helping you find a company that adheres to the promises of my mission statement .

I don’t only offer Great White excursions. If the White Shark isn’t your favorite shark, please check out the other shark diving locations around the world I have on offer and I will help get you there for that one and one shark diving experience of a lifetime.

I thank you for your support and look forward to helping you book your once in a lifetime shark adventure.


As a kid, I couldn’t wait for Shark Week every summer and when it was on, glued myself to the tv for each episode. Unlike other children my age, my superhero was Andre Hartman- the first person to free dive with a white shark.

Today I consider myself fortunate enough to have been able to spend 5 years working side by side with and learning almost everything I know about Great White sharks from the very person I grew up admiring – Andre.


As an added bonus, during my journey, I have also been fortunate enough to work with film crews from around the world , meeting some amazing and passionate conservationists such as ‘The Crocodile Hunter’ Steve Irwin, Mike ‘Dirty Jobs’ Rowe, Wilfred Chivell, Chris Lowe, Jillian and Duncan Brake, Nicole Nasby Lucas , Craig O’Connell , Ryan Johnson, Ocean Ramsey, Yannis Papastamatiou, Chris Fallows and Andy Brandy Casagrande (ABC IV) as well as film for the very week that supported my passion growing up with filming projects for Discovery Channel as well as projects for Animal Planet, National Geographic and National Geographic Wild.


My photography is meant to showcase the beauty of white sharks, move away from the negative representation and portrayal of them in the media and movies and by guiding these trips I want to try and improve people’s understanding of sharks.

I was fortunate enough to be approached by Barcroft Media in terms of sharing my photography in online publications and pieces. In order for this to happen they needed to agree to my only term and the most important -that none of my photos were to ever be used in a negative article or shark attack piece.


The media continues to portray sharks as mindless killing machines and I love being able to have the opportunity to show people these magnificent creatures and hopefully change their perceptions for the positive in regards to helping protect a vulnerable species.